Top 3: Morgan

"What are the top three things that stood out to you from your trip, Morgan?"

1) It really hit me when we were told how some parents could not even afford to keep their children; they have to give their children to the orphanages just so they could get food and be given basic necessities. (Which is why I loved the little shop at the House of Hope since the proceeds went to the parents in those situations.)

2) Of course, one of my favorite moments was when a group of little kids were listing off everything they want to do and be when they grow up. They all have such big dreams that included them changing the world in the best way possible. 

3) It really did hit me when we met the kids at the first orphanage and played soccer with them. They were still on the waiting list, meaning they didn't have access to a reliable food supply, and yet they were still smiling and happy and excited to play with us. I just imagine if that was me and I didn't get my three or four meals a day that I'm used to, I would be such a grump, and I definitely wouldn't be smiling or running around playing soccer.