Top 3: Hydie

"What are the top three things that stood out to you from your trip, Hydie?"

1) The hope that came with each meal. There is a distinct difference between the children that were in the program and the ones that were not.  The children who had a consistent meal did not worry about the future - they had plans, and a means to achieve them. I specifically loved hearing the kids list what they want to be when they grow up (senator, engineer, etc). 

2) The Haitians that we got to meet were all humble heroes to their community. They give everything that they have to reaching the homeless, the orphaned, and the hungry. I loved getting to know their incredible stories. 

3) The sustainability of the program. Eventually, feedONE's goal is to have all the food produced locally by the Haitians. They also employ locals to manage the warehouse. Furthermore, the way the program is set up the children only receive food from their Haitian elders, and not the visitors from other countries.