Top 3: Ed

"What are the top three things that stood out to you from your trip, Ed?"

1) Haiti is real. When the Earthquake hit Haiti, pictures would appear in the media of the poverty and hunger people in Haiti were experiencing. However, it wasn't until we landed in Haiti and drove through the town where reality sunk in and hit me that this was a real place where real people lived. It was a convicting feeling of what am I doing here and what can I possibly do to even help? 

2) When we visited an orphanage, kids would instantly latch on to you and want to play with you. The kids were just having a blast kicking around the deflated soccer ball with us. However, as we started leaving, the most haunting part was when the kids clung onto and with their big eyes looked at you. "Mwen Grangou" they'd cry out. "I'm hungry". 

3) It was all overwhelming at first. I'm just some college kid with a camera. The question came back again. What can I possibly do to even help? The whole message of the film is FeedOne– Mother Teresa's quote "If you can't feed a hundred, then just feed one". The only thing was, after playing with all those kids, I didn't want to feed just one I wanted them all fed. It's not fair that I get to fly back home with a full stomach and leave these kids hungry every night. So for me, the trip was a wake up call. It reminded me that this film is not about the trip of a college kid going to Haiti– this film is about starting a movement in my country.