Back From Haiti

Wow, what an incredible experience!

We learned so much, and heard so many stories of hope that we can't wait to share in our film! Here is a brief outline of our time in Haiti:


We arrived in Haiti on Tuesday morning and hit the ground running. We visited the warehouse that stores food that feeds 90,000 kids a day, saw some experimental farm projects, and played soccer with kids in a community that is struggling with water and food supply.   We interacted with the very kids who are ON the waiting list.  


We went to an overlook to see all of Port-Au-Prince and had a powerful time of prayer for the nation of Haiti and the feeding projects.  We met Madame Jeannette at her orphanage where she cares for 73 kids through feedONE.  We learned her incredible story of surviving being kidnapped by hungry kids and out of that situation she opened up her orphanage to feed the hungry children of Haiti.  She often selflessly allows kids off the streets to partake in meals from her own pantry.  We also met Madame Samuel, the principal of a school that feeds 750 kids every week, with close to 300 kids on the waiting list.


On our last day in Haiti, we visited the farming projects that are working to make feedONE in Haiti a sustainable operation that provides jobs and is sourced in the Haitian community.  After visiting the farm we played with a bunch of kids who were at a Bible School Summer Camp, and being fed the food from the Mission of Hope Warehouse!  It was an incredible way to see everything come full circle. 


We can't wait to share these stories in more detail with you!  Please be praying continually for the kids on the waiting list, and for the work being done in these communities.  We will be posting more on Facebook and Instagram, click the icons on the bottom of the page to follow the story and learn more about how you can get involved.